Veeram (Tamil) – Movie Review

If Vijay movie has been released then it cannot be without Ajith movie. Of course the fan following of Ajith in cities is more than Vijay as is evident by the amount of whistling in theaters.

The saving grace for this movie is Santhanam for his comedy and he has not gone overboard with his stuff. Most of the comedy is in the first half. And in the second half while we almost forget Santham, he comes in. Not that it makes much impact to the movie further on.

Tamanna has done her role though there are not much expressions that she can showcase. Of course she does her bit by the exposure of her navel as with many other movies of her. She does have a role here.

Ajith even though has a body which is not able to move quick and fast unlike Vijay, does suit for this role. Ajith as the elder brother who brings up other 4 brothers does show lot of maturity. Ajith is an eyesore when it comes to dance even though Devi Sri Prasad has done his bit of giving mass songs.

Ajith does not believe in marriage because it would separate him and the brothers. Everything turns around when Tamanna moves into the house next to his.

overall can be skipped. I would rate it as 2/5 just for Santhanam and Devi Sri Prasad!


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