Jilla (Tamil) – Movie Review

Another of only hero type movie. Vijay our hero, Kajal Agarwal as heroine, Mohanlal and Parota Soori.
Kajal Agarwal one would wonder why she is there in a hero subject except hero gripping her back as a revenge return for what Kajal Agarwal did to Vijay.
I believe movies today should also show another warning message “Eve-teasing is an offence and not encouraged except in movies”.

What is the story?
Vijay (Shakhti) sees his father killed by a cop and hates anyone in khakhi uniform. He brought up by Mohanlal (Shiva). Mohanlal is a don and to get even with police force puts vijay into the force.
By turn of events Vijay starts his action against Mohanlal to prevent him from doing anything wrong further. This brings Mohanlal to remove ties with Vijay and also kill him.

What would happen towards the end is anybody’s guess.

Movie has nothing much to offer. Songs would be forgotten, nothing on comedy front, Kajal Agarwal doesn’t do anything big.
Background score is also disappointment.
Vijay’s usual punch dialogues go without any punch.

Could be avoided. My rating 1.5/5.

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