Chettinad Mushroom Masala – Recipe

Had been making mushroom masala for quite some time now, do decided to cook something different. Looked up on internet and found a recipe. Modified a little.

Red chillies – 3/4 in number
Coriander Seeds – 4 spoons
Black Pepper – 1 spoon
jeeragam – 1/2 spoon
Sombu – 1/2 spoon
Kasa Kasa – 2 spoons
Krambu – 1
Elachi – 1
Patta – 2/3
Small Onion – 3/4
Green Chillies – 3
Bay Leaf – 2/3
Currey leaves
Coriander leaves

First roast in order without oil red chillies, coriander seeds, black pepper, jeeragam, sombu, kasa kasa.
Secondly dry roast krambu, elachi, patta.
Put the above two dry roasted ingredients along with small onions, ginger, garlic and grind it nicely. Keep this masala separate.
In the meantime cut the green chillies (required quantity for spice), slice cut the mushroom (you got clean the mushrooms real nice) and cut tomatoes.

In a pain heat oil and then add the green chillies, bay leaf and curry leaves. Allow it roast. Add sliced mushrooms and fry for few minutes. Now add the grinded masala mix and fry for few more minutes. The both should mix nicely. Add the cut tomatoes and cover the pan and leave it for couple of minutes.
Add salt (required quantity) and again put the lid back after mixing them. Fry it for some time. Stir at times so that the masala does not stick on to the vessel. And there will be a nice aroma filling the entire house.
Add coriander leaves for garnishing.

Now the chettinad mushroom masala is ready to be served with rotis or rice.


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