Wipro Chennai Marathon

Its been a long time since I wrote about Marathons and me running them.
1st december was the day of The Wipro Chennai Marathon. This was the 2nd edition. Lot of updates on facebook and finally the day arrived.
The first best part was a 5:15am sharp start. And not to forget ropes with boards reading times and runners would align themselves in the group based on their expected time of finish. It was cloudy and there was some chillness in the air. Perfect start to the run.

Little after the start there was un-expected one, rains! it rained for something like 5mins. That was dreadful for me personally as a runner. My specs was covered with water and I was blinded with almost no visibility. Thankfully there were no potholes in that stretch. Though water was getting collected. It was no ways bad or worse for running, except my own problem with visibility.

There were stations at designated points and it had oranges (bit of salt in it) and cut lime pieces dipped in salt. The surprise part or the good part was the traffic cops not only regulated traffic and blocked the roads they were also cheering the runners.

Around U-Turn point I ran into issues where my acidity level was increasing and was finding it difficult to run and manage. I had also ran without water for all this distance to test my hydration levels. I walked a bit to ease out.
Once I was better I again started running and got back to same rhythm and pace. Met my runner colleagues, was able to cross few not able to match few others pace.

When I finished 21.1kms it was 2hrs2mins on the clock. And I was happy except for the brief time. I did not feel tired nor my limbs falling apart at the end of the run and still had good amount of energy left.
People said the circuit was more than 21.1kms, it did not matter to me. I anyway don’t wear a device to calculate distance nor to note time.

What could be better is the marking of distance. They had written on fluorescent paint but it was not visible. More distance marking boards would be great to keep track.
Another point for improvement is the breakfast. I was disappointed by it.

I loved the medal though.

Now to practice more for Mumbai Marathon.


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