Bangalore Traffic Issues – Pedestrians

I might be repeating lot of known things. This is purely from my observation in last couple of months.
When I thought of writing a post on Traffic and some major concerns I wanted to split it into different segments who are part of the system.

In the first part it is about pedestrians. Very much part of the traffic, there are concerns for the pedestrians and there are also concerns due to the pedestrians.

Concerns for pedestrians:
1. There are lot of unmanned junctions. vehicular traffic never slows down for pedestrians even if they cross the zebra crossing.
2. There are lot of junctions with traffic signals but not one for pedestrians. Many of them have signals for pedestrians but there are vehicles which jump over the signal causing inconvenience to pedestrians.
3. During non-peak hours vehicles jumping the signal when it is for pedestrians is a well known fact. They sometimes come in too close, scaring the pedestrians.
4. Pavements, it is non-existent in most areas.
4a. In areas where there are pavements, it is used for parking of 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers. Not to miss out 2-wheelers riding on pavements.
4b. In other areas, pavements are used by shopkeepers. And in some shops extend their shop to the pavement for attracting customers.

Conerns created by pedestrians:
1. Whenever they are out of a building or office complex people want to cross the road. Every individual wants to cross at their time and end up stopping the entire traffic.
2. In areas like EGL on Inner Ring Road even there is a signal specifically for pedestrians, they cannot wait for the signal. And people don’t move towards the to cross but cross wherever they want to.
3. In areas like Marathahalli and other places, people when they cross they take their own sweet time to cross.
4. When the signal turns green for flow of traffic that is when people start to cross and stop traffic to jump over. No patience to wait till the signal turns red.
5. Usage of mobile phones when crossing the road unaware of what speed the vehicles are coming towards them.


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