Bangalore Traffic Issues – 2-Wheelers

Continuing on Traffic Issues, this part deals with 2-wheelers. The earlier part was on pedestrians and to read, click here.

Concerns for 2-wheelers:
1. Constantly jumping around pedestrians. You would be moving at speed of 40km/hr suddenly from the sides one person would climb down the median and run across the road.
2. In a 2-lane or more road there will a 4-wheeler on the 1st lane at slow speed (40km/hr and below). On a 2-wheeler you would be on 2nd lane at same speed. Another 4-wheeler at a higher speed would come behind you and keep honking. Awareness of lane rules are non-existent.
3. On Outer Ring Road, even if a 2-wheeler is on left most lane is not safe with 4-wheelers spreading over there to maintain their speed and move ahead of others

Concerns due to 2-wheelers:
1. Suddenly cutting across vehicles.
2. Non-usage of rear-view mirrors. In some motorbikes there are no rear view mirrors only.
3. Placing the helmet on top of fuel tank. Sometimes it does slip off and causes disturbance to other road users.
4. Riding on pavements.
5. One hand on motorbike another holding mobile phone and talking. Thus staying distracted.
6. Removing cement blocks from medians and creating a space to turn or take u-turn.
7. Jumping signals when no one is looking at peak-hours.


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