Aarambam – Movie Review (Tamil)

Hopefulle this is not the beginning but the end of Ajith movies. And last of Ajith movies. It was just rambam!
Ajith, the Chief is a disappointment. Nayanthara without any dance from her again a disappointment. Arya no big shakes. Tapasi looks like replacement for Genelia. They both kill us with umpteen usage of “baby” “baby”.
Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is too loud that you feel like closing ears.
Screenplay is with lot of loose ends!
Direction less said the better.

The story is simple Ajith wants to take revenge on Maharashtra Joint Police Chief and ministers involved in scam of purchase of bullet proof jackets. Lot of cats fall out of the bag.
Arya the brilliant computer science student is a hacker. Nayanthara a co-student and Tapasi too. Obviously our hero has to triumph in the end.

Avoid this movie.
My rating 2/5.

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