Traffic Management – An Experience (3)

Part 2 of the series can be accessed here.

Some learning’s as part of the activity:
1. Learnt about Traffic Warden Organisation, an NGO. Only hitch, to join this you need to refer two eminent personalities in the city!
2. Don’t lose temper while managing traffic
3. Lot of times kind words do help in making people follow traffic
4. Don’t blame oneself if there are people who don’t follow your whistle sounds or what you say

1. It is not an easy activity to stand and manage traffic even for 2hrs
2. The amount of smoke pollution is such that even masks don’t help
3. The noise pollution level is so high that you feel like whipping them in their butt
4. Any activity to improve traffic involves education first. Unless people are educated time and again things wouldn’t improve.
5. How to educate is a challenge which needs to be addressed.
6. Any solution for traffic improvement needs the entire system to move together. It cannot be done by few individuals alone.
7. The Traffic Warden org also did a helmet awareness drive, the response is still not that much.
8. Finally we need to inculcate responsibility among citizens. The citizens should feel that if anything happens to them there is a family waiting for them and which would be dependent on them.


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