Traffic Management – An experience (2)

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Points which were noted during traffic management:

1. 2-wheelers complain it is the 4-wheelers which are creating traffic issue.
2. 4-wheelers complain about 2-wheelers.
3. Abuses are hurled at you and that shouldn’t bother you.
4. Some people in 4-wheelers roll down windows to appreciate the efforts.
5. Use of mobile phones while driving/riding is rampant
6. No helmet is common. Atleast 3 out of 10 riders would be without helmet
7. Wrong-side driving/riding is a norm.
8. Some auto drivers are actually very smiling and listen to you. Auto drivers bring more smiles than 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers.
9. One excuse for wrong-side driving was “am late for meeting”. other excuse would be “am going to hospital”.
10. When the educated class break all norms there is no way we can blame yellow board vehicles. A degree from college has no relation to education of road rules and being disciplined.
11. Excessive honking is one big pain. People honk out of fear, they want to be ahead of everybody, speed is another reason. How else would be explain people honking at signals where there is flow of traffic.
12. On a road which has only 2-lanes, people don’t think for a minute before moving to next lane and blocking the traffic on opposite side.

Some points which are to be highlighted:
1. The maximum number of accidents involve 2-wheelers. So no way they can blame 4-wheelers
2. It is not just responsibility of traffic police and traffic warden, even the public has to co-operate. Without this co-operation no initiative would be successful.
3. The common mentality is to shift blame to others whereas all it takes is 2mins to take the blame upon oneself and be the change.


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