Traffic Management – An experience (1)

During the week I volunteered to be part of traffic management at junctions near Graphite India, EPIP Area, Whitefield, Bangalore.
This activity was part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during the Month of Service (MOS) which happens every year during the month of October. This is driven by my employer SAP Labs India.

Where did I volunteer

On Day 1 I was at Graphite India signal junction. This is a relatively easy junction, since there is signal post along with traffic police and traffic warden.
The violations are very minimal in this junction and people will listen to you for the fear of law (why not when there is are cops also around).

On Day 3 I was at a junction which is next to Graphite India, this is the junction at Corporation Bank ATM and one of the toughest junctions. Vehicles coming in from Cement Godown, Doddenakundi can turn right to go towards ITPL and turn left. Vehicles coming from Hoodi junction could turn right towards Cement Godown. And on this day this turn was blocked as it was on the previous day.


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