Escape Plan – Movie Review

Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwazaneger come together in this movie and audience can be found yawning all through.
Age has set in and they are nowhere close to what we know them for. But yes, they do some fighting and show their bulky bodies.
Have we seen this story before, yes. Is it resembling the TV series Prison Break well that is better than this movie.
Do you feel like getting up and leaving in middle of movie, well its not manners. Do you feel like sleeping inbetween, yes of course.

Sylvester runs a business where he gets into prison to make sure no prisoner can escape. To ensure this he gets himself into the prison as an inmate and tries his escape. Aha yes you got it. Thats the title of movie, Escape Plan. And he can do so easily. The escape route and the plan is later shared with the jail warden. And he has written a book which if followed one can build a prison without an escape possible.
That’s what the bad guys have done to host prisoners who would cause harm to people living normal life. So, our Sylvester goes to this prison as an inmate. Out there he meets Arnold and they both plan the escape.
Rest what would happen is anybody’s guess.
Yawn Yawn Yawn. haven’t we seen movies like these before.

There is nothing this movie has to offer as a differentiating factor. The actions are also repeated ones.
Finally the movie is over, clap clap clap.

I would rate it 1.5/5.


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