Story telling!

This is a story of two people and their farm that they built with common interest.

Few years ago two people came together due to a common interest. Buoyed by success at an event, on a rainy night, brain drowned in water (you want to read as quarter?!), they wanted to build a farm. In this farm they wanted to bring in new people who would join and then grow up and either be in the farm or go out for greener pastures!
They wanted a sponsor or a promoter for this farm too! And with minimal effort they managed to get one. Of course with their convincing powers and success of common interest.
Over the years they expanded the activities in the farm. Initially not many were willing to join the farm and they were apprehensive. So, the farm creators talked to people, conducted events to bring in people.
Some few people joined the farm. Some few who joined the farm were new to activities of the farm and some few were not. Some few were unable sustained in the farm for long and they dropped out from activities. Some many sustained, enjoyed the events and grew up. The ones who grew up and seeing their growth some more joined. The grown one’s also got involved in events with or without the farm creators thereby making the owners proud. And in retro effect even the farm promoter/sponsor was made to feel proud. The promoter/sponsor was so proud that for some events they helped the farm owners and the inmates in all possibility.
The farm started building by itself and the creators were no more required except to bring all together for an event or two.

Now the time has come where the farm creators are feeling left out and are getting back into the groove.

Thanks to all those who stood by to build this farm and continue in growth of the farm.

Characters: One of the farm creator is myself. The farm promoter is my current employer.
The farm is running and cycling club!

Thanks to my family, friends, well-wishers apart from the farm growth who stood by me and supported in all my activities.

Note: This apparently is my 1000th published blog post. It did take a long time to reach this mark. What more to make post thanking my family, friends, acquaintances, current employer (almost decade long association). And a post which would include my activities that I have been doing for more than a decade.


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