Channa Masala Bread Sandwich – Recipe

A simple and healthy food! Sandwich with channa or chick peas. In times like these when the onion prices are high, these sandwiches are helpful. Onion is not mandatory.

1. Channa (chick peas) – 2 cups
2. Tomoato – 1 in number
3. Green Chillies – 3-4
4. Red chilli powder
5. Salt
6. Potato – 2 in number
7. Bread

Preparation: Soak channa the previous night in water.
Boil channa with bit of salt. You could keep the water for use in cooking.
Also boil the potatoes. Peel the skin from potatoes and mash them.
Chop the green chillies and tomatoes.


In a pan add a little oil. Once heated fry green chillies and then tomatoes. Once fried add the boiled channa and mashed potatoes.
Add red chilli powder about a pinch and salt to taste. Use a little bit of water (of boiled channa) to cook faster and get the mixture properly. Also slightly mas the channa so that the spice and salt gets into it.
This channa mix is very easy to make.

Now take slices of bread, put spoons of mixture between and grill them. If you dont have a griller then toast the bread and put the channa mixture between slices. The other way is also to put butter on the slices, add spoons of channa mixture, press them together and then toast it.
Now the sandwiches are ready to be served. One could have it with tomato ketchup or eat as it is. I would recommend eating as it is!
Overall making sandwiches takes around 20-30 post boiling channa and potatoes.

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