We’re the Millers – Movie Review

A thin story line where drug dealer is to bring marijuna from Mexico into USA for his friend. This is after the drug dealer is robbed of his cash leaving him in a debt with his boss.
How the events unfold from before hatching the plan till the end leaves one laughing throughout the movie.
Jennifer Aniston as a stripper, Jason Sudekis the drug dealer, Emma Roberts the homeless kid and Will Poulter the teenager in the apartment. All of them come together to pull off the smuggling across the border. At every turn there is so much to laugh and all four get bonded that they become a complete new family.
Don’t use any brains, no logic. But still the movie does not leave any loopholes that could make one complain that a particular scene had no logic.
Yes, the language is not normal and that explains the rating.
The dialogue delivery and timing from Jason Sudekis and Will Poulter adds to the comedy touch.

A definite watch. My rating 4.5/5.


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