Maryan (Tamil) – Movie Review

What to say, my streak of watching disappointing movies continue. Not to disappoint that trend Maryan was upto the mark.
Maryan means guy who defies death! Of course our hero Dhanush has to be one. A fisherman’s son who died in the seas, our hero also lives a life by the sea, for the sea and to die in the sea. For him sea = Aatha! (gotha, little knowing that it was irritating). And then we have heroine Parvathy who is behind him all the time and mutual friends who try to play the broker part. None of it melts our hero’s heart, till he himself feels its happening!
To repay the loan taken heroine’s father from villian and which our hero takes it up to repay for the girl (good motive) the story shifts to Africa, Sudan to be precise. Whats the hot topic out there in Africa? Either Somali pirates or kidnapping for ransom! Here it is the later. How our hero escapes forms rest of the movie of course guided by images of heroine time and again.

BharathBala as director has disappointed us with no new story and no gripping screenplay. Its just the normal love story with usual masala surrounding it.
Some shots of sea are nice to watch.
Dhanush hallucinating in the climax and the images that form in mind is different than in past movies.
Dhanush and Parvathy have done justice to their roles. Their acting doesn’t disappoint. Dhanush reminds of his past movies in his facial expressions and dialogue delivery. So nothing new or different from him.
ARR music, less said better. Background score is quite loud at times and doesn’t go with the mood/tone of the movie. Songs are big let down.
When you will want to see the climax, a song is squeezed in. The worst part the song seems to run for longer and longer time.

End of the movie one would be yawning. Not to be surprised if any falls asleep.
My rating 2.5/5!


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