Mercy of drivers

This post is not on the usual topic of my rantings about cab drivers of Bangalore. This is rather about those many top executives and others who have money but don’t want to drive for many reasons

1. Heavy traffic takes a lot of time and adds to stress
2. The time spent in travelling could be utilized for reading a book or making a presentation
3. Fear of driving
4. Laziness
5. Why should I drive

So, what do these people do? Appoint drivers! Easy solution, there are many in the market but their demand is huge. In most cases the drivers decide whether they want to drive your car or not. That depends on your car model, how much you can pay, is there anyone else who pays more than you do.
For these people, the moment they call for a driver they are at his mercy. And once the driver gets appointed the reasons multiply. One day the driver doesn’t report for services everything goes topsy-turvy.
The driver will drive how ever he wants to, any questions asked he wouldn’t report tomorrow which again means difficult times.

To cite an incident:
Today i saw a driver who was honking continuously at a signal which was red. Car number KA****1070! The employer or the owner of the car was sitting behind doing nothing. Not for once did he have the b*lls to tell his driver not to honk.
And the same guy drives in such a way that he was splashing water over 2-wheeler riders. And continued his honking spirits at the next signal too!

Anyone who appoints a driver is at his mercy for life. Until they deicde to take over the steering.


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