Lootera (Hindi) – Movie review

A slow beginning to a love story and a love story which does not have the tag “And they lived happily ever after”. But the heroine ends with a smile on her lips.

This movie is not an entertainer that one can expect fight and dance sequences at every 15min interval. The first moves rather slowly than expected with director taking his own time to build the characters and then evolve the story. Sonakshi Sinha’s eye expression are a delight, a lot conveyed through it. The music matches the scenes except few times when one is disappointed.

The way the build up of love from love at first sight to the time Ranveer Singh leaves the house is artistic. Some locations are really awesome and at times when the voice goes low like talking a secret, director has really taken care of these details. Using single light to shoot the sequence inside the car is nice.

The grainy filmy gives an effect of 1953 the year when the movie is based and also abolition of zamindari powers.

Moving into the second half one feels the same artistic pleasure would be there. Unfortunately the director disappoints over here. The last 20mins if had been edited and not rolled into a Bollywood type movie would have left a bigger impression. After that point it was anybody’s guess what’s going to happen. And director has to give chance to hero to explain and express his love, right. So, that 20mins ends up wasting the time and taking it towards yet another commercial.

The sequence lighting is still dark at lot of times giving an impression as to usage of natural light.

Felt at one point it was like watching Mani Ratnam movie with so much of darkness, powerful dialogues.

Plus points:


Sonakshi Sinha expression and way of communicating.





Let down:

Background score, very loud at times.

Prolonging the story.

Some songs inserted inside.


Overall I would give a rating of 3.5/5.

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