Yeh Jawani Hai Dewaani – Movie Review

How many movies I watch still I end up certain times watching movies like “Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani” and feel Bollywood movies are never going to bring in any good movies. While “Ek Thi Dayaan” was watchable and made me expect more YJHD just went complete opposite. First half was breezy and the movie got over there itself! I pity sponsors like FOX Traveller who put in money believing a lot. Just wondering how come girls are able to trek in snow mountains with very short shorts and skimpy tops while the guys wear all gear? Glamour quotient maybe essential but some amount of reality should also be there.

The movies in the end have to come down to same concept and heroine should get together with the hero. Man, think something different. If it has to be an entertainer trying keeping it same till end.

While the first half is entertaining, the second half plays through emotions. And more so in the second half of second half of the movie. And these emotions are nothing portrayed differently or not shown in countless movies churned out by Bollywood so far.

Towards end of first half the director suddenly realized the movie is for Indian audience and we need to put in some emotions and fulfill it. While in the first half the director showed same emotions getting trashed and indifferently.

Songs are just ok. Nothing great about background score. The locations are nice but could have dwelt more. Characterization, leave it.

Ranbir Kapoor really dances well and Deppika Padukone has a killing dimple smile.

Overall I could rate it as 2/5.


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