Health Tip 3 – (Exercise pattern)

Disclaimer: The posts with this topic are not general postings but from personal experience. These are my own views there can always be two sides of approaching just like there are two sides to a coin.

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Tip 3:

Exercise is mandatory for a healthy life. This exercise can be from various mediums. Typically we get carried away that we end up exercising more for either the upper part or for the lower part of the body. Core strengthening exercises are always mixed up. A typical body looks great when both the upper & lower body parts are worked out in tandem. Imagine a body were the upper body is big with weak legs or a body with strong legs & a thin upper frame. Both look disproportionate.

There was a time I was concentrating more on my upper body that even though I was running marathons I was getting injured. My legs used to get tired & worn out easily. Post an injury in which I had to stop running a marathon mid-way I understood the importance of leg strengthening too after a visit to doctor.

Since then I have been into balanced workout. Maybe my upper part is not that strong as it was before but I definitely feel fitter than before. In fact after line of injuries with effective workout I was able to get back to running & reduce the timing.

Its necessary to be fit than to have a huge unbalanced body.


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