Auroville Marathon 2013 (Half)

In 2005, I ran my first marathon in Chennai, TamilNadu. I was excited, nervous, anxious and determined to prove. I had a goal in mind and I did manage to reach it though with some struggle. I did finish the marathon and was really happy.

8yrs later, on 10th February 2013 the feeling was exactly the same. This time it was at Auroville, TamilNadu. I ran only half the distance than what I did in 2005 but the difference was I was running after quite some break due to injuries and other incidents and events.
Last year I ran same distance at Hydrebad but the feeling of completion wasn’t the same. I was coming back from injury and wanted to test myself.
This time, I had a goal in mind. I was eager, excited, anxious and nervous and determined to do it. And to do it with ease.

Morning by 6:15, the half marathon was flagged off. Quite a lot of runners and by the time I crossed the start line, the clock had moved a good 5mins. It didn’t matter much. The runners in this run were far more disciplined that they never ended up pushing other runners to move ahead. With many in number the first km is always going to be slow unless you are in front of the pack. When I finished 1km it was almost 7-8mins by my watch. Then I slowly reached my rhythm and kept running. I ran and ran and ran. I managed to reduce time at few kms that I was able to finish 10kms in 55mins – 57mins. Was satisfied a little with a better performance so far. Simultaneously I was also losing my body salt/sugar and water. I need something with sugar and also water.
Thats where this run stood out. There were time stations at approximately 2.5-3km mark. And the stations were stocked with water, electrolyte, banana and chikki. Chikki was all I wanted, after a half glass of water. I took a piece of the chikki and kept biting as and when I was feeling the need for it.
And along the route they had some people playing drums and elsewhere people standing, clapping, cheering. The crowd was really supportive and encouraging.
I managed to overtake few of my friends from office and felt I might fall off if I didn’t slow down. I cut down the speed and finally finished with a time between 1hr57mins – 2hrs2mins.

That was one happy moment.


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