Vishwaroopam – Movie Review

Whether the current controversy is really required I wouldn’t comment.

Technically the movie is good. There is lot of attention given to detail. Every actor has got a defined role & some ways not ensured that it is Kamal Hassan movie all through. Rahul Bose has a major role in the movie and sometimes his voice is irritating but the explanation does for it.

Pooja, Andrea, Shekar Kapur all have importance. The best part is where a house fly on rife is shown closely, the son of rahul bose identifying the rife & bullets blindfolded, rahul bose son’s innocence, protrayal of emotions even by jihadis, the Afghanistan location.

The movie story is very simple and many times made by the Hollywood. But Kamal has definitely taken Tamil cinema to different length and heights. It would do no justice to compare this movie with “Ek Tha Tiger” or “Thuppaki”. Our brains have been modeled these days to watch movies without class. There are certain shots where the movie has matched Hollywood terms and in some gone beyond.

Usage of pigeons and the explanation to use them is something out of the box.

Kamal’s wife Pooja suspects him & he emoting gay expressions, hires a private investigator to track his movements. While she has an affair with Samrat Chkarabarti. In the course of trailing the investigator gets killed. Movie changes from there and a flashback of tale from Afghanistan. What would happen next is anybody’s guess especially those who watch lot of movies.

“neenga nalla vara keta vara” the past dialogue is repeated again with an answer for once!

All the songs are in the background which is the best part except for the initial part where it is required to exhibit his character as Kathak dancer. Showing the other side of man involved very much into classic form of dance is shown well. Every movement and step is shown well.

The dubbing voice for Pooja is irritant lot of times. Don’t understand why she should speak “konji konji”.  Background music is not heavy to the ears and goes well with the situation. The script is engaging, the dialogues at certain times could have been better, there is mix of humour in the dialogues. At a point when for most it would seem the movie is dragging or getting boring (high influence of kollywood, tollywood & bollywood) I found it interesting and necessary for the story.

Now to wait for part 2 of the movie!

My rating would be 7.5/10.


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