Health tip – 1 (Sleep & waking up cycle)

Starting from today a small idea which originated many years ago am finally putting it in words.

Disclaimer: The posts with this topic are not general postings but from personal experience. These are my own views there can always be two sides of approaching just like there are two sides to a coin.

All comments would be accepted and approved without any censorship.

Tip 1:

Sleeping and waking up times. Human body also works around rotation of earth. The day cycle depends on the presence of sun & moon.

For a healthy body & mind it is essential to wake up early. Early is also not defined as 5:00am though it is ideal but never always practical. One reason to wake up early is also that the early rays of the sun is good for the body. Today due to different reasons and different work habits the body cycle has changed which has brought along with it list of health issues. Due to constraints when one sleeps very late in the night, it is essential to keep the room as dark as possible to relate to the night darkness.

It is not also true that those who get up early in the morning are all healthy. There are certain influences in this which I would highlight in coming posts.

Going to bed early, waking up early and an afternoon siesta gives body sufficient rest which keeps the brain active. While people may argue on afternoon siesta I have my own personal reasons.

There was a time when I used to wake up late in the morning. This affected my daily routine (includes nature calls) and the amount of activities that i could finish also reduced. My body used to feel weak and tired. Close to end of year 1999, I changed to getting up early and the results were positive. On & off I do wake up late and whenever my body would feel the pinch would again change to getting up early.

Almost for past 10odd years, I do make sure that I take time off for afternoon siesta. Post this my brain always feels fresh and I can finish work without much exertion. It is always better to give rest rather than trying to keep the brain awake by having a cup of coffee or tea.

In the night automatically my body gets switched off beyond 11:30pm – 12:00am. There are times when my brain doesnt even know what data it is transferring to my tongue for communication.

Tried and tested getting out of bed early does help (atleast me).


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