Do you have balls

In Bangalore most of the discussion revolves around traffic & weather. While weather is beyond our control, traffic is. While we just talk about traffic, how many actually have the balls to do something?

1. Erratic cab drivers. How many employees of IT/ITES companies have the balls to tell the driver not to drive rashly or not to honk excessively? I have personally seen many of these cab drivers drive like as if they are the only ones on the road. There are many times when cabs overtake me even on a 2-lane road completely ignoring the vehicle coming in front of them. When the vehicle in the opposite direction is close enough they switch the indicator and move in front. They are not even bothered about incovinience caused to the vehicle behind.

2. Erratic private car drivers. Many of private car employ drivers to transport them from one place to another. Not many have the balls to instruct their drivers to drive properly and not cut between vehicles.

3. Erratic driving. How many amongst us have the balls to drive safely and treat other vehicles with respect. And the honking part, its such an irritant.

4. Erratic autorickshaw drivers. For them they are the law. They will squeeze in wherever and whenever they want. Any argument with them is inconclusive due to the unity among them and the support they would get from the bureaucracy.

Personally I consider talking about traffic a waste of time due to factors mentioned above. When one is not perfect, he/she doesn’t have the balls to complain. Unless the entire vehicle community is reformed there can never be a change. And the change has to come from within.


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