Amway again

After almost 7yrs guys who do Amway business again ended up calling me! This was my last post why amway is not for me.

I got call from one person and tried to lure me by hiding the fact that he wanted to attract me to amway style of business. The conversation went like this.

He: My name is “***” and am into e-commerce on lines of flipkart and e-bay. I got your number from one of the reputed consulting firms. Would you be interested in helping us out.

Me: I haven’t registered my number with any consulting firm.

He: Maybe you had registered in the past, but still would you like to help us.

Me: I haven’t registered, but what is it that you expect from me.

He: You could provide consultation for us. We are having a seminar on saturday you could join us and we could discuss further,

Me: Am busy this weekend with travel, call me after 2nd January 2013.


Two days ago I was remembering the conversation and kind of figured out this guy must be working on amway business and its products.

Today evening this guy promptly called up:

He: Hi! My name is ‘***’ I called you last week regarding the e-commerce project.

Me: Are you part of Amway?

He: (after pausing for few seconds) Yes. Do you know about Amway?

Me: Yes, I do know about Amway. I had joined them many years ago and wrote few blog posts as to why I don’t like the way you guys work and get new people. Now you also tried to cheat me.

He: No am not cheating you.

Me: How did you get my number, which consulting firm gave you my number?

He: Peoplesoft consulting gave your number.

Me: Peoplesoft is part of Oracle and I can track down if they gave you my number. You are cheating me again by using peoplesoft name. And secondly you are cheating me by saying you do business on lines of flipkart & e-bay. You are misusing their name. Why can’t you directly tell you are with amway and I would like to know if you are interested in joining us.

He: Sorry sir next time we would be clear. Thank you.

With that the call ended and me thinking that these guys even after many years haven’t changed and just because I said they are not going to stop themselves from using tags like “e-commerce”, “flipkart” or “e-bay”. I have nothing against Amway as a company or its products. Its just the way in which the guys try to expand their network to make more money by not being truthful.


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