Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

Somewhere I had to get back to running. This was long pending. Postponing due to lot of reasons, all valid though I had decided to run. The best way to do it is to register. And so I got myself registered for Hyderabad Marathon in the category of 21.1kms. Am normally against running half unless necessary and here it was.

I have in recent times recovered from the broken parts I suffered due to accidents. This had kept me away from running for quite long long time, atleast 1.5yrs almost. I did run earlier but had stopped after my ankle started giving trouble again.

Feeling that this is the right time, I headed to Hyderabad after 2weeks of practise in which I would have done 10+kms only twice. It was not the right amount of practise I would have desired but some things couldnt be helped.

25th August, collection of bib is over, number 4292. 26th August, early in the morning before the full marathoners start their run am there trying some warm-up (have to agree am not very good in this, I have never done warm-up before). 6:00am under dark skies the run is flagged off.I start at my usual pace for first 1-2kms. Then later I started picking up momentum only to find myself facing flyover’s & flyovers and roads which are up slope. This was definitely one of the toughest runs with lot of up-slopes, I felt even maybe more than Bangalore.

I don’t know whether Bangalore is at an altitude or Hyderabad. The roads just kept going and I wasn’t seeing down slopes to help. At around 6kms mark, I faced the first mind block. Loads of thots running thru the mind. I was planning a drop-out. One way felt a Did Not Finish would be a proud moment it would give me more to put in efforts for the next big run. I also thot 10kms would be a good enough, maybe my body is suited only for that. Its too early I started running without practise & half marathon was like not a suicide but breaking myself. The other side felt it would be bad to not finish which would leave a bad image on my well-wishers.

Thinking positive negative never neutral, I still kept pushing myself crossing 8th & 9th km mark. I could feel my stomach cramping up. For the first time I tried Gatorade at that time. It did give a much needed relief. Felt little better tho the mind block never ceased. Mind always tries to push in negative thots.

By then I reached the 10kms mark and I was running at a rhythm of running + walking. Then it started raining. I gave a sigh and then started thinking let me push myself till 13-14kms then let me re-evaluate my position. My mind block was also moving out and mind was getting free and thinking positive with shorter target. I took one more glass of gatorade.

When I finished 15kms I think I had taken 1hr45mins. At this point of time I finalised if this much then going back. Even if I walk the rest 6.1kms I would do it in max of 1hr – 1hr15mins. So, I wouldn’t be at miserable state nor with a guilt of not finishing the run. By then I had taken few more cups of gatorade & glucose biscuits.

Finally I crossed the finish line. Should be around 2.5hrs. All that didn’t matter. I had battled lot of thots in my mind, I had done what looked like impossible few weeks back.

Thanks to the rain Gods and the water stations for rescuing me out.












For now I can put those thots behind and focus on next event.



3 thoughts on “Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

  1. It was like seeing u running in hyd . What a wonderful way of honest writing . Good that you completed the marathon. Should be a great feeling In all those other feelings. Congrats.

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