Mahindra Thar – Review

One week of using brand new Mahindra Thar 4×4 CRDe and am waiting for it to come out of service center. Why service within first week, just a small fault that had occurred impacted the front suspension.

Total number of kms covered in 1st week = 3000kms.

Average speed maintained = 70km/hr – 90km/hr.

Route = Bangalore – Mysore – Chennai – Pune – Bangalore

Conditions of road = Smooth at stretches. Otherwise bumpy at most terrains due to road expansion.

Off-roading done = No.

Some positives:

1. Comfortable for driving long distances. The vehicle just keeps moving and going on and on. Like at some times i drove 300kms almost without a stop.

2. After some time one falls in love with the vehicle. The vehicle looks to be talking with you and co-operating with what you want to do.

3. Gear shifting was initially difficult then once you get aligned on how to put into the slot, it becomes easier and smoother.

4. Gear shifting is still little tougher than Bolero or Scorpio.

5. Bad roads no problem just shift gears and drive right across everybody. The vehicle makes way for you.

6. Seating position for driver is comfortable with adequate distance between the pedals and the seat.

7. A/C does work, which was kind of surprise. Atleast the a/c and heater is effective in the front. Couldnt test for behind. But there was an impact on the sheet so should be fine.

8. The steering wheel is not too much in the right unlike in scorpio. The right hand doesnt start to pain after few hundreds of kms.

9. The soft top makes it a pleasure to ride through especially when it is just cloudy and without rains.

10. The braking is not hard. A soft push is all that is needed.

On the whole its a roller coaster. I need to grow more with the vehicle to push it as i want to.


Some negatives:

1. For the front passenger its not very easy to push the seat back and sit in reclining position.

2. Without stereo system as standard it becomes boring in long drives.

3. For the cost a better work on the interiors would have been great. The body looks all plastic.

4. The headlights power is not sufficient for highways, though manageable.


Go for it.


3 thoughts on “Mahindra Thar – Review

  1. well…satish,,for the front passenger ..not comfortable,,, surely make a lot of negative points…u will get extra noise for sure..:(….see what best u can do about the seating.. ha ha safe. rup’s

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  3. I am in queue to get one soon, saving money for the grand down-payment. I was in it for a test-drive and sat in the front seat and did feel some jerks on accelerations and brake, never had a real off-roader before. I can only imagine how uncomfortable would it be for passengers in the rear seat, its very bouncy, thanks to ladder-frame chasis (which is classic).

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