Jan 2012 (Part2) – Murud

White sands, blue waters, palm trees were very much inviting.

From Dapoli around 11kms got into a share auto filled with school children. Looking at me with a big backpack, the girls were giggling & smiling all the time. Every time they started singing, I would give them company and the giggling went louder.

The short journey ended sooner & with fun. Its just Rs.10/- per person for the short distance. There are also buses to reach Murud. Murud is down the hill of Dapoli on the west side.

Upon reaching we booked a room in Balaji Resort. A tent type accommodation with TV facility and in-house cooked food. One has choice to tell them what you want to eat. They do provide tasty food. The resort has a dog which always accompanies anyone walking to the beach.

I did what always fascinates me, beach photo with backdrop of the sunset. There is a possibility for horse cart ride on the beach. There are also speed boats, dolphin ride, paragliding & balloon ride & many more. All for a price but lesser than what is charged in Goa!

The best experience was lying on the beach sand in the night watching the clear star lit sky. My knowledge of star constellations is limited so I couldn’t figure out what each constellation was. Others with knowledge can do it of course. It was just breathtaking view. I tried to click some photos of the star lit sky which never appeared in print. Finally after few attempts it was best left for the experience and a beauty to be in the eyes of the beholder.

The advantage is the number of tourists is just few in number and one can always have privacy. Most of the tourists are from Pune, while few would be from Dapoli itself during weekends.

The shops are not open beyond about 8:00pm. Murud is a small village & less populated. Temples, thats one which could be find at every corner.

Very typical of places like these, there are just birds & birds everywhere followed by butterflies. Its a known fact that catching a butterfly on camera is very difficult. It took about couple of hours for me to sit idle & wait for butterflies to settle down to shoot something like this.


With better accommodation options & also food options Murud is a convenient place for stay. Murud becomes centric to move around to other beaches around this coastal line like Karde, Harnai & Anjarle.


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