Vettai – Movie Review (Tamil)

Lingusamy movie with the usuals. An ordinary story told in a good narrative and a tight script. The movie gets boring due to excess of songs which could have been avoided. Only disappointment is Sameera Reddy does not get any song or dance except the initial introduction song.
Madhavan and Arya are brothers whose father is found to be dead one fine morning when they are out for a movie. Later on Madhavan the scared elder brother takes the job with Police Department thanks to their dad. While the younger brother Arya works to help his brother at all times.
Madhavan gains respect in his department and also creates fear among the goondas. Till the goondas find out the real hero through a video camera left at hanging at the scene where an earlier fight happens.
Obviously the goondas want revenge. What happens next is the rest of the movie. With sufficient songs one can take a short break inbetween to relieve the pressure.
The dialogues are interspersed with some humour that there is no need for a comedian seperately.
The music is just so-so. Yuvan Shankar Raja could have been better.
Arya marries Amla Paul while Madhavan Sameera and gets her pregnant too.
Overall a good movie to watch. My rating would be 3.5/5. 0.5 less because Sameera Reddy is not found dancing much as expected.


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