A decade in Bangalore

3rd Jan 2002, I entered Bangalore from a town Trichy where I was doing my Master of Computer Applications at Regional Engineering College (now National Institute of Technology). I joined i-flex Solutions Pvt Ltd then as an intern.

10years later am not part of i-flex Solution. I thought a lot as to how to define my 10yrs from then to now. I sat down to choose 10 photos to denote 10yrs. The conditions I put for myself were:

1. I should be there in the photo.

2. I should be able to tag myself with those photos.

3. All the photos should be taken inside India.

The most difficult part was finding photos where I am in front of the camera. The second is to choose just one photo from each that I can tag myself. The third was of the so many which ones should I leave out and which ones should I choose. I wanted every other photo out there.

After all that difficulty I finally made a collage of 10 photos that would define me today, 10 years after I walked into Bangalore.

I would tag myself today as a Traveller, Cyclist, Runner, Software Engineer, Chess player.

In these 10 years I refound my chess playing skills while the rest I explored and found to be what I can be best fitted to.


3 thoughts on “A decade in Bangalore

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