How my Nexus S went from dead to alive

After upgrade to Android 4.0.1 last month. When I read the post of official Android 4.0.3 update, I also wanted to do an upgrade. After following the steps mentioned, I did exactly the same. Download, copy file and rename to!

Only that the upgrade to 4.0.3 never happened. Further research on net followed. Somewhere in one of the articles I read that upgrade happens from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3 which is official.

There I go downloading 2.3.6 and installing. Now everything goes for a toss. The phone when rebooted started giving the message “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”. It wouldn’t go beyond the screen of saying touch android for starting.

When I press “Volume UP & Power” button together I get into bootloader menu but when I click on recovery, I get an exclamation mark and nothing happens beyond.

When I connect the USB cable to my laptop, I can view the files inside the mobile, can copy into the mobile or copy out. But the laptop device manager would not recognise the phone.

Again I go into researching the entire internet android domains looking for solution. I end up installing Android SDK, downloading umpteen files to be installed in the phone. Then I try to install PDAnet. Check & read every post on android forums, watch every video.   

After installing every other file, I try fastboot command. But the command prompt issues a message “waiting for device”.

If I type adb devices in command prompt there is no result. Basically my phone was not getting recognised. 

In one other post I read take the battery and leave it out for 10mins and again put it back, it will work. This looked dumb to me, still I followed. 

I should say though that it was after I felt this was dumb thing to do, did I get an idea to get it working. Like they say, one last attempt. 

I put the battery, switch it on, see the message “android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly”. Shutdown the phone. Press “Volume UP & Power” button together.

Click on Recovery, I find the same old exclamation mark. The theory that removing the battery, leaving it out for 10mins, and then putting it back, was not a solution for my phone.

When the phone was displaying the exclamation mark, i got an idea voila. I press again “Volume UP & Power” button together, it took me to the recovery mode in forced way!!

I know the file “” did not upgrade my phone earlier, so I select CynogenMod9 files and install them. Its even more frustrating because you know you have reached close to solution but the solution is not there still. When I installed CM9 files, my phone spat saying “Installation Aborted”. Try another file same message. I start looking for CM7 files now. Same result.

One final brain wave, my 6th sense woke up & I clicked on “”. Wonders of wonders, the installation happened successfully. Though that 2mins of installation my heart was racing & pumping. I reboot the phone lo behold, watching very carefully & yes phone is up!! I sync the google account and the old apps that I had installed earlier are all back too… 

Now my NexusS is on Android 4.0.3!!!


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