Airtel & spam SMSes

Airtel spams my message inbox with SMSes from so many unknown faces. Literally airtel looks like they have sold numbers and made money. Sample these:

TD-Rama Rao –
71st Anniversary offer upto Rs.71/gm……

TD-Durga –
Sri Durga properties launching 2BHK….

TD-Kruthik –
Collect wireless KB& mouse & get Rs.1000…..

Struggle of 14 contestants in Thailand….

DM-Sulekha –
Travel ticket just one call away….

TD-Priya –
Last time you did a cute chat, now I am waiting…..

TD-Starcabs –
24hrs Rs.120/- (upto 20km)….

Special valentine offer!….. (treatment for hairloss)

And many more in a day. I don’t know what time in the night the message stop and what time in the morning they start but everyday is the same. Many SMSes repeat itself, many are new. Its painful to delete them. I have never subscribed to any of them to send me SMS or call me.
Calling them (Airtel) to deactivate SMS from unknown works for maybe a month then its again the usual story.
Is there any other way out?


2 thoughts on “Airtel & spam SMSes

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