Rann of Kutch (Proposed Plan)

Its going to be hot during the day as sun breaks out. Below is the proposed

19th March 2011 Bangalore – Thane
20th March 2011 Thane – Ahmedabad
21st March 2011 Gear Check in Ahemedabad
22nd March 2011 Ride Ahmedabad to Zainabad
23rd March 2011 Little Rann, Adesar, Rapar, Dholvira, Toran
24th March 2011 Greater Rann, BOP Mucchi, BOP Karni
25th March 2011 Hodka, Bhuj, White Desert, Sham E Sarhad
26th March 2011 India Bridge, New Sardar Post, Kala Dungar
27th March 2011 Hodka, Nanda Village, Little Rann
28th March 2011 Little Rann to Ahemedabad
29th, 30th 31st March 2011 are buffer days.
1st April 2011 Ahmedabad – Pune
2nd April 2011 Pune – Bangalore

Any interested in joining do ping me.

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