Le pakshi was what Rama said to wounded Jatayu, which means “Fly Bird”. Jatayu’s wings were cut-off by Ravana and Sita was abducted from here. Thats the mythology. This temple was built in Vijayanagar Empire. For more on history, click here.

A day ride with 30+ Royal Knights, it was confusing as to what was the actual start time. It did not matter as it was still cold. With the sun slowly coming out, we started our engines by 6:30am. Once we crossed Devanahalli airport and another 10kms later it was misty foggy all over. The visibility was almost nothing.
This was the best view though I didnt capture it on camera. The fog settling down on my visor, rear-view mirrors, spectacles later started dripping down to dew drops. I was forced to use my finger as visor to wipe the fog from spectacles which were obstructing the view further.
A quick breakfast at Kamat’s. It was tasty also. Somehow the sambhar seemed to taste little different from Sagar restaurants. By 11:30am we were at the temple.

Soon enough we started our way back to Bangalore. Brief halting here & there. Lunch again at Kamats. Best is South Indian meals, no risk, no long time, no screw-up’s during cooking.
5:00pm I was back home and this was not part of Royal Knights standard. This was a good beginning to new year and good ride.
Route: Mekhri Circle – Hebbal – Devanahalli Airport – Bagepalli – Lepakshi
Distance: 140kms


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