Virudhagiri – Movie Review (Tamil)

Captain Vijayakanth’s movie after quite some time is fully loaded in the first half with political overtones. Movie starts with Captain helping Scotland Yard in catching terrorists planning to assassinate British Prime Minister. What a beginning & what a fight. When we are yet to come out of this shock the Scotland Yard is all praise for him. The expectation now increases.
After capturing terrorists from Kashmir to Kanyakumari within India our Captain expands horizons. (well, this is also a dialogue in the movie.
Then he returns to homeland for some sentimental time. Finally his brain works in stopping flesh trade of Aravanis (transgenders). He captures all the culprits including a cop. Then comes a master dialogue addressing Captain, “Neenga arasangathula vela seyyum bodu yelaygaluku help pannareenga, neengale arasu aana evalo pannuveenga”. (Working in Goverment you are doing so much for poor, how much will you do if you are the Goverment).

Having given the build up for Captain’s powers, comes the next part of the movie. This is the rest of the movie. If you have not watched the Hollywood movie TAKEN, dont worry its all here. The rest of the movie is taken from Taken. While in Taken it is his estranged daughter, here it is his foster daughter (though no relation directly).
Every dialogue, setting of scenes, the script is carefully directly lifted from there. Only difference is this movie is set in Australia. And song induced to give the flavour for Indian audience.

For a Captain fan this movie is not a let down. For others, you can go through this torture if with friends and having a gala time.

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