2010 – A year that was

2010 was a very different year. A year more concentrated on cycling in the later half. It never meant leaving any of other activities.
1. The year started in Kolkata a bike ride along Central & East Coast of India.
2. In March got back budget travel with a short trip to Madhya Pradesh. A trip that will stay in memory for long long time. Cannot forget Omkareshwar & Gunaga village.
3. The next trip was to Leh-Ladakh. The trip was curtailed due to cloud burst. Curtailed though I rode all the way back to Bangalore. Was a trip where I lost quite a lot of body weight due to illness and lack of food intake. This did not mean stopping short of completion.

2 Motorbike trip’s and one budget trip suddenly the focussed shifted post the half-way mark of the year. With interest gaining in Tour of Nilgiris, there were frequent cycling trips on weekends covering most of the nearby places in and around Bangalore, of course within cycling distance.
There is still a feeling not to have done Nandi Hills climb up on cycle. But some things have to be reserved for a sunny day.
I invested on a new cycle BSA Kruze. Read the first impressions here. And next review post Tour of Nilgiris.

4. Post purchase of Kruze, the first ride was to Anchetti-Denkanikottai.
5. This was followed by a ride from Bangalore to Chennai within a day, 21.5hrs to be precise. Could have done it in lesser time. Maiden attempt and was a very good ride.
6. Then came Tour of Nilgiris (post still to be written). A tough ride through the mountains amidst all heat, humidity & dust. Good roads, bad roads, forests, cities, towns, villages. Handshakes, waving hands, small talks. Sometimes one feels like politician when waving hands. This was a tour in which I was one of those sponsored by my company.

It was not only travel & travel & travel. I did watch quite lot of movie. Notable were thalaivars Endhiran and Kamal’s Manmadan Ambu.

2011 activities would repeat itself and maybe something new will get added on in the course of time.
Happy New Year 2011.


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