Samiya Payasam – Recipe

To prepare samiya payasam aka vermicilli kheer is not difficult by any means. Initially I was skeptical but once I started preparing it seemed to be easy.

1 Cup samiya
3 Cups water
1 Cup milk (not boiled)
1 cup sugar

1. Fry cashewnuts & elachi in ghee. Till they become brown (not dark brown & black)
2. Fry raisins separately in ghee till they become big and round.
3. Fry samiya in the same pan till it becomes brown.
4. To the fried samiya add 3 cups of water and boil. Keep stirring at regular times till samiya becomes soft.
5. Add sugar to this boiling mixture and allow to boil for some time. Keep stirring at regular intervals.
6. Now add milk and aloow to boil once.
7. Then add cahewnuts, elachi & raisins. Allow to boil once.

Samiya Payasam is now ready to be consumed either hot or cold.
Personal choice: Taste more better when cold not refrigrated cold.


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