Cycling and Camping

Two days into my new road bike BSA Kruze, I was into my first ride. A weekend ride which included camping and destination Billgundala, a forest area near Hogenekkal. Anita, Sandeep, Ann, Venkat, Amol, Vinay and myself. We all met @ Silk Board junction, Bangalore and set off on the trip, luggage loaded on to our cycles.

We took an alternative route to Kannakapura Road, thanks to my suggestion and it was one of the longer routes that we took. In what was supposed to be a max 2hrs ride to Harohalli for breakfast @ Jayarams, turned out to be a 3.5hrs ride.
On Bannerghatta road, we asked people for directions and went around the national park crossing the CRPF training center. Up and down bad roads finally we reached Kannakapura road. This route was very scenic and a good beginning but not when we had planned for long ride. And when we reached Jayarams there was no breakfast left. Finally we did manage to find an alternative place for breakfast which otherwise would have probably been my last minute in the world!!
Post breakfast it was only about 80 – 100kms of riding to reach our destination. Little did we know that we would not make it. We continued on same manner pedalling, stopping, pedalling, stopping. Lots of big climbs up and rolling downs. Am always afraid riding down the hill.
With a new bike, the fear was even more with bad roads. Whenever there was pothole and my cycle went into it, my heart would stop for a second. Whether my heart stopped or not, I had to stop my cycle since my bag fell down from the carrier. With many breaks, we finally reached Hunsunahalli by eveing 5:30pm. A distance of 40-50kms from Harohalli. And we decided to call it a day after few kms at a school surrounded by fields.

Few villagers came over to enquire, they offered accommodation for the ladies, we filled our bottles of water in the village, had a good chat with them. Our dinner was packaged food of cup noodles and ready-to-eat.

Next day morning was a lazy rise and slowly the sun was beginning to come up. this was not good signs unlike the previous day when the sun never came out of cloud cover and troubled us. One round of breakfast at the village and chat with them again when we finally left it was 8:00am. About 2kms from where we halted for night was the TamilNadu border. Though people speak Kannada more fluently, they are part of TN.
To Anchetti and then to Denkannikottai. The stretch to Denkannikottai was a real killer. We climb up and up and up, it never seemed to end. Finally when it ended we were almost on top of the hill. Like this I dont remember how many hills we went up and down.
And then lunch @ Shankar’s Cafe, Denkannikottai. Some time of rest under the trees and we started off again. When chatting with Anita & Sandeep, somehow got me thinking. And I decided to cycle from Attibele to home rather than take the bus with Ann. Later even Ann got convinced to ride all the way. The main attraction was we would have done about 200kms.
And yes, marking in Google Maps the entire distance from home – home shows 205kms.
The route that we went on finally:
Koramangala – Silk Board Junction – Bannerghatta Road (unexplored @least by me so far) – Kagalipura – Harohalli – Hunsunahalli – Anchetti – Denkannikottai – Attibele – Sarjapura – Koramangala.

Very very scenic route all along. Steep uphill climbs and steep rolling downhills. Maybe I should have calculated how many times we went up and down. Amazing, cordial villagers. People gave us water and salt when we asked for. They allowed us to sleep at the school for the night. They were willing to have a conversation to know more about us and share about themselves.
At some places, when you meet some people, you dont need to say anything. They will start from your bike to where you are going to and coming from. All you got to do is nod your head and move on.

From the past I know if we dont reach destination as per plan because of me, then its a blessing in disguise. Well the disguise itself was disguised, nothing to prove this time around. Such kind of trips are a load of fun.
For photos:
Anita’s camera
Ann’s camera
Venkat’s mobile camera

2 thoughts on “Cycling and Camping

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  2. You started this thread some time oct 2010
    now it is nearing oct 2012
    how is your rides
    on another thread there was a comment a bike should atleast do 500 km per month
    do you think the bike is capable of that much ( i’m doing that much and want to go for this)

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