BSA Kruze – Review

An Indian company made cycle may not have used the best parts, it might not be of good quality, it would not be worth the money, rethink on your decision. Overcoming all these obstacles not only from within but from elsewhere I went ahead and invested on BSA Kruze – Road Bike.

Search on their website you wont find anything about this cycle.Search elsewhere you can find some discussions, like this. You can find the specifications of the bike in the above post.
Bought it on October 7th 2010, an upgrade after more than a year with Thunder Racer. No complaints with thunder racer. Its the second cycle I bought and the first sensible choice that I made. I haven’t sold it yet.
On 8th October when I cycled to office and back I would have met with an accident since I was pedalling at same momentum as on thunder racer, only that this covered more distance and had greater speed. Luckily nothing major on both the occassions.

On 9th October I rode on Kruze for our camping. A two day cycle ride. A distance of more than 200kms. Some patches were bad was what I heard. I felt it should be fine. Click here to read about the adventure. What all did we ride on? Stretches of no roads, only gravel and mud. Roads with potholes and sharp stones. Climbing up the hills, going down the hills. Definitely faster than thunder racer. Brakes were good. Am still suspecting my front brakes, but none of the times did the brakes fail. I tried all kinds of braking. I tried speeding up and down. Cycle did not wobble even once in the journey neither did I have a fall.

A little bit of uncomfortable seating position. To hold the drop bar I need to bend a lot and that gives a sort of pain on neck. Its easy to shift position to hold the handle bar on top. Need to re-adjust the handle bar slightly.
Shifting gears is not difficult, it took some time for me to get the feel of shifting gears. Smoother and easier. 2×8 gear system. Am noticing some sound when at 1×1. Preferred 1×2 at very steep uphills. Need to do some adjustment here, thats it.
I like the colour combination. its very attractive and appealing. Even a small kid is attracted to the cycle.

Post 200kms, I did not have any pain on my neck. Though the seat looks awkward I did not find it uncomfy.
My heart skipped a beat when the pedal hit the speed-breaker. Then I adjusted the style of riding. And my heart skipped beat many times when I pushed the cycle into potholes and sharp stones. Many times I tried to avoid, sometimes I tested it. No punctures.
Chain slipped off once and I got confused completely. Later I figured out how to fix it and its damn easy.
Riding is smooth.
All in all its worth the buy and good investment.


5 thoughts on “BSA Kruze – Review

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  2. Interesting review. Can you also post the specifications, components and price. I am quite encouraged to see serious biking and bikes pick up in India.
    I ride a Fuji ACR 2.0 with all Shimano 105 components. Great bike. But, roads in California are much more bike friendly, so no comparison.

  3. @venki
    Roadbike : Drop Bars
    Alloy Frame
    700x23c tyres, alloy wheels
    Promax Caliper Brakes
    2300 Shifters and Dérailleur [8Sp, 52T Double]
    Sealed BB
    QR for front, rear and seatpost
    Alloy platform pedals

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