Endhiran – Movie Review

Fans expecting typical Rajni movie will be disappointed just like me.
Last 45mins Rajni rocks gives glimpses of Mundru Mugam Rajni. The best is bleating like a sheep, rather black sheep.
The special effects in the end is mind blowing. Looks like a typical Hollywood movie with all those graphics.
Finally its all on that graphics for the movie to succeed.
Since we have seen Rajni in this role we can’t imagine how it would be if Kamal had acted.

BGM, forget it. Am wondering if AR Rehman is losing his magic touch. Maybe he is over influenced by Hollywood. Maybe he has to go to Ilayaraja and take lessons. The songs does not stick to mind. The locations for songs are breath-taking.

1.5 for the special effects and 1 for Rajni’s acting in last 45-50 minutes. All in all I would rate it movie at 2.5 out of 5.

Shankar has tried to change the image of Rajni and also his introduction. Is this required? Fans always expect an introduction song from him where he breaks a pumpkin or coconut or leaps in from sky. Shankar in this attempt has also tried to downplay the role of Rajni as scientist and give more importance to chiti the robot.
“Arima Arima” song during climax is the only one that tries to stick to ones mind. Coupled with Shankar’s usual extravagance here with 100 Rajni robos.

The conversation between Chiti & mosquito, forget it. Nothing impressive about it.
Chiti tries to put a small kid to sleep, the computer kid graphic is pathetic.
The stand out parts are the special effects in the climax where the formation keeps on changing and keeps one glued to screen. The bleating like goat, the laughter like in the past as a villan.
Aishwarya Rai is just there in the movie. Though she fits in like no one else would she has nothing much to do.
The character of Danny Denzongpa is abruptly brought to an end.
Never understood why to cast Kalabhavan Mani. He appears for one scene and its over. It does not approve of his talent.
Luckily Vivek was not there as comedian. He could have screwed up asking for more screen presence.
Karunas and Santhanam as assistant to scientist Rajini do not tickle any funny bone. They could have tried to be serious only.


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