People during the trip – A Thanks

No trip is complete without a mention of thanks to all those who helped me, who took time to talk to me.

1. Mechanic Seshan, Velachery Chennai. He rectified my engine and made it go the distance it is going since then in many trips.
2. The restaurant @ Ginger Yatri Nivas near Delhi railway station. They allowed us to keep all our luggages while we collected our bikes from parcel office.
3. Mechanic Salim in Kullu who fixed oil leak after the fall I had.
4. Rajasaekar and others working at GREF (General Reserve Engineer Forces) stationed between Manali and Rohtang Pass – Koksar clearing the landslide.
5. Numerous others who pushed our bikes out of slush at Rohtang.
6. Bony Sony Motors in Manali.
7. The truck guys Sonu and Vikki and Mohinder.
8. Mechanic Rahul in Manali.

9. The electrician on highway to Jaipur from Delhi. He works only with trucks and jeeps. I explained what needs to be done and how. He soldered wire to ignition coil and did not charge a penny.
10. A bus full of Gujaratis who shared a cup of tea and poori because I stopped to talk to them.

11. Nash from Mumbai (IndiThumpers) who was riding down solo to Velankanni decided to accompany me till Bangalore.

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