Egg Curry – Recipe

In my experimentations with cooking, the next item I have found out today is egg curry. Initially I thought it was tough that too with no machine for grinding. But in the end I realised its possible even without one.


4 eggs
Ginger garlic paste
1 or 2 onion (depending on size)
1 or 2 tomoatoes (depending on size)
Ginger-Garlic paste
Garam Masala
2 Green chillies
Red chilli powder

Method of preparation:

1. Boil the eggs and peel of the shell.
2. Cut the onions and tomatoes and chillies into small pieces.
3. In a pan heat oil and fry the eggs split into two till it becomes golden
4. Remove the eggs once fried and add cut onions, tomatoes & chillies. Add red chilli powder little and garam masala. Stir the contents. Add a spoon of ginger-garlic paste and a spoon of salt. Mix the contents. Fry till onion becomes brown in colour.
5. Once fried, add the eggs and half a cup of water.
6. Allow the mixture to boil.

Egg curry is ready to be served with rice or rotis.


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