Encounters on the road – 5

This incident happened on 17th July 2010. After fixing new tyre & tube for my cycle I was pedalling towards Malleshpalaya through inner roads from Marthahalli.
There was a motorbike which turned in and after 50meters he skid & fell down. Few others ran towards him, I pedalled faster. Gave him water from my bottle, cleaned his wounds and some to drink. Few others picked up his bike, made him sit down, enquired.
Apparently a beetle was on the road and he did not want to run over it. Applied brakes and too much of front brake made him skid and fall down. Lucky for him, and it is good to meet such guys who care about. His intention was really good.

The worst part of the story was there is a house next to the point where he fell. The guy came outside saw what happened and after few seconds went inside and locked the door.
But there were other good people around. One guy even said few nice words and thanked GOD that nothing big happened.


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