Encounters on the road – 4

Anyone travelling from Bellandur towards Whitefield cannot take a U-Turn at Marthahalli, but need to go further down the road and can turn near the defence office. Which is near Kartik Nagar on Outer Ring Road. After taking a U-Turn, most vehicles (cabs & motorbikes) move on the wrong side of the road take another U-Turn and follow the path towards Chinnapanahalli.
I was coming from Chinnapanahalli on my cycle and was waiting at the outer ring road for on coming vehicles. This motorbike guy cannot wait for me to move so comes ahead of me. He is on the wrong side of the road. Due to his mis-judgement, he cant move forward since my cycle is blocking him.

He: Cycle peeche karo (Move your cycle back)
Me: Kyon, yehi rastha hai kya (Why, is this the way?)
He: Mai honk kiya suntha nahin (I honked you dont listen)
Me: Tu wrong side me aake mere ko boltha, ch***ar (You come on wrong side and tell me)
He: *says something*
Me: *already angry at his disrespect for cyclist* Kannada artha aagatha, gaandu (Do you understand kannada, ass)

Everyone on the road is watching us and he leaves.

The point all these guys fail to understand is in their hurry to save time and impatience for 5seconds, wastes 5minutes for everyone.
All the cabs that have corporate employees (who are educated) never force the drivers not to drive on the wrong side of the road. Not to forget educated people who themselves drive/ride on the wrong side of the road. When we have educated people who follow closed eye approach, things will never improve.

So much for the civic sense learnt during school days.

But these are the same people who when they find someone to talk to, complain about traffic, people on the wrong side of the road, cyclists. Or write about it in internet/blog/facebook/twitter. When they actually have to confront people on the road, “why should I”, “These people are indecent, I cant talk with them”.


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