Inception – Movie Review

The expectation from Christopher Nolan is high considering the success of Dark Knight and his past movies. This movie does go beyond expectations that you would have imagined or dreamt of.

While there is tendency to compare this movie to Matrix or related movies, Inception is above them. In terms of story, editing, background music, acting, suspense, confusion, and the concept.

Inception is about planting a dream in a person and to control his/her brain at the subconscious level. This would make you influence him/her. Under this influence you can define what you want him/her to do and also get information from the person. Sedation is required to take the brain into the level of dream. How far can one go or to which level of dream can one be led into. If a person dies in this dream world then his/her mind would remain in the subconscious level forever in reality.
Whether you are in the real world or the dream world is what you should figure out. The important rule is never to create images out of memory from real world. You are the architect of your dream and things can change shapes in this world.
Imagination and dreams are different.

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) a thief who cannot get back to America is a thief. He gets into the subconscious mind of people during their dream state and steals valuable information. He is offered an assignment where he has to create and plant a dream into the mind to destroy an empire. If he achieves it, this would be the perfect crime. And if he does achieve it, its his passport to get re-united with his children.
How he does this and what happens, to what level the mind is taken to, you got to watch on the big screen.

The personal life of Dom Cobb would leave you confused.
You will not and should not get distracted for the full length of the movie. Even a minute of distraction would make you lose the flow.
While being attentive to the dialogues and action sequence, one would not pay attention to the background music. Try managing to get the music score by Hans Zimmer.
Watch out for streets turning upside down and the zero gravity fight sequences.

This is a definite watch movie for the overall package. I would rate it as 9/10. I would be watching it again soon.
Watch the movie in big screen and not in pirated copies.

Put in Indian terms, the world is a “Maayaa”.


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