Encounters on the road – 3

Sarjapur Police Station towards Attibele on Sunday 4th July 2010 was a close shave for 4 of us. Tata Sumo driver is unable to judge the distance nor the speed. He is trying to overtake a truck and we are cycling in the opposite direction. If we hadnt stopped nor pulled off the road, we would have been hit badly.
This driver just did not know the speed of the truck. He did see us way ahead and from the time he started to overtake and still kept riding.

For vehicles which dont move by manpower all it takes is a short break and again the speed is back to normal. There were two times when a truck was behind us and each time both the truck drivers slowed down, changed gears and moved out of our way. Both the drivers did not honk or show their power. That is called decent driving and discipline. Just by size and speed you cannot try to overrun everyone. Remember the David Vs Goliath story.

Am still trying to figure out which is the best way to fight these guys.

On 3rd July while cycling near Varthur, a Qualis driver overtakes but realises he has to turn left, puts the indicator so that no one can question him and turns left. Absolute disrespect for other vehicles on the road.
Just wondering when will they realise that it takes a second to wait for cyclist to pass through and turn but days if it results in an accident.


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