Encounters on the road – 2

30th June 2010, friend of mine and myself are cycling back from work. This cab driver does not switch on the indicator, doesnt look into the mirror. He just shifts to the left end of the road because he wants to stop. This is when you take the left towards Inner Ring Road from HAL Airport Road.
Few curse words but he doesnt respond. No fun with this guy.

Further down in the Inner Ring Road, there is this guy on motorbike. No rear-view mirrors. One hand into the pocket to get out the mobile phone. Then presses some buttons on the mobile, the other hand to control the motorbike which he is not able to. The only word that I use then is “gaa*** maga***”. He is stunned but then he knows he has made the mistake.

Why have a motorbike without rear-view mirrors. Its not a bicycle which is small in size nor a bullock cart?


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