A holy island on Narmada river, Omkareshwar is more of pilgrimage place than a tourist place.

From Indore when we reached here and went up to Manu Guest House our minds changed to spend two nights at this place. It was calm, serene, soft breeze, Narmada river below, land on other side. Manu Guest House charges Rs.100/- per person and they also serve dinner for Rs.50/- which is to be told in advance. Manu has a tailor shop near the bridge before entering the island.
Gola was the favorite eat of Gapp. And we three always went to the same dhaba for food.

The dhaba guys were very happy on seeing us that he would serve us more all the time. Even if we say enough rotis, he would give us one more. Jalebis also came special with food.
In the evening we walked towards Sangam. The river flows around the island and meets at this point. Our search was for peace and we did find it in the end. “HARI OM”. Enroute we cant forget the sarcastic smile on the face of girl at tea shop.

The next two days we went around the island in the morning. Rest of the time was spent just sitting on the balcony of guest house.

For photos of Omkareshwar from my camera, click here.


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