Gunaga, Village Tour

Curiousity, shyness, non-stop talking, excitement all was seen in the eyes of villagers when we got down the bus from Bhopal. A small village Gunaga, 25kms from Bhopal off the highway.
Why is there a foreigner. Whats Indians doing with her. Why stop here. What is there to see for tourists in a village.

Surrounded by villagers was no way frightening compared to drunk taxi driver at Bhopal railway station. When they take you to their house it is a moment of pride for them. It is also a mark of their hospitality towards visitors.

Especially when you are there to talk to people and understand them.
We visited Prem BanshiLal and Nazeem Khans house. Father of Nazeem Khan said “I have driven trucks all over India but this place is where I find peace. We live together and there is nothing more I want.”
Prem & his kids Nazeem Khan family
Agriculture is the main profession here and everything revolves around cultivation. After chatting at their house we started playing marbles and the kids found a connect.

They became more closer. Kids were very excited. Everyone gathered to say goodbye to us when it was time to leave.

Click here for all photos from my camera.


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