Madhya Pradesh Tour

March 26th 2010 night 10:00pm we three Carly, GAPP & myself got on to train (Yeshwantpur – Nizamudin expres) to Bhopal.
3 Idiots
Our ticket had moved to RAC. And we had to share the berth. A tiring journey sitting together in the morning in small space on the side lower berth. I managed to kill time by reading a book.

We reached Bhopal at 11:00pm and a taxi driver harassed us on seeing an American girl with us. All slangs and threatening to go to police when we did not agree to get on to his taxi. We just kept walking went out of station and with Lonely Planet book checked the hotels nearby and settled at Hotel Manjeet. Very close to railway station and bus stand. Bhopal looks very much under-developed for a capital city. Harassment at bus stand & at train station & by auto/taxi drivers does not leave a good mark about the city. A few people give a wrong impression about the city.

Next day morning we took a bus to Gunaga.

Click here for experience at Gunaga.

After our wonderful experience in the vilage we returned to Bhopal and took evening bus to Indore. A journey of 5hrs. We were harassed here also at the bus stand by auto drivers but not much as at Bhopal. When we said “NO” they left. There were cops on the roads. The city is beautiful in night time and is far more developed than Bhopal. We found accomodation in Hotel Neelam.
Next day morning we took bus to Omkareshwar. A journey of 2hrs. The bus conductor was very friendly and we had good laughs with him. Rs. 50/- per person.
Click here to read on the relaxed stay at Omkareshwar.

Omkareshwar to Indore by a 2:30pm bus. At Indore, we booked our tickets through Ambey Travels for a 14hr journey to Jabalpur. The sleeper bus is at 7:30pm. With sufficient time we decide to check out Celebrations Bakery. This bakery has a token system and is a self service bakery. Well maintained and good ambience.
The 14hrs journey was a tiring and a tough one. With bumpy roads and well deserved breaks. The bus was clean though. Once we reached Jabalpur again harassment by auto drivers. Evading them out we went to Indian Coffee House. A nice coffee and sometime for refreshing ourselves. We were back to the bus stand for the 11:00am bus to Kanha.

Click here to read more on spotting tigers @ Kanha National Park.

1:00pm is the last direct bus from Kanha to Jabalpur. Otherwise one should break the journey from Kanha – Mandla, Mandla – Jabalpur. Once we reached Jabalpur the same situation again with auto drivers. Hotel Vijan Place which is supposedly the biggest hotel around refused to accommodate us. Opposite this is Hotel Sardha and we found accommodation there without any issues. Of course they were hospitable also. The cyber cafe where we went was a surprise with an old dot-matrix printer and the lady was an IAS officer at Central Excise Department. A tamilian settled over there it was a welcome change from all the straing eyes and harassing auto drivers. Hotel Anand was where we had dinner and Gulmohar for ice-cream.
Next day morning we boarded train to Yeshwantpur. Dont try the 24hrs Food Plaza at the station in the morning. The food is stale and probably yesterday’s.

The worst part of the train journey (Lucknow – Yeshwantpur express) back home was on Sunday morning when the train did not stop for almost 7hrs. It slowed down in Gudur junction to facilitate food vendors to hop on. Rest of the journey was peaceful.

At Bangalore Yeshwantpur station an innocent auto driver asked for Rs.280/- to drop us at Malleswaram 6th Cross. Imagine the shocker I got.

Click here to view all photos from my camera.

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