Hero Thunder Racer

Almost a year since I bought the Hero Thunder Racer its time to write about this road bike. In this one year though there is some sound that comes from pedal which I am still living with.
I have done very few maintenance like gear adjustment, never done oiling or cleaning with kerosene. Only thing I make sure is to fill air in tyres properly. For filling air I use the pump (manual pumping) at the cycle shop nearby or use the foot pump at home. I have not changed the break shoes yet.
Yes, the seat tube is short compared to other imported cycles. The probable reason for this could be the average height of Indians. For me it looks perfect.
The first major event that I went for on this cycle was duathlon 2009. I was able to pedal faster than most other cycles.
I did few short rides after this and travelling to office. It looked all perfect that I recommended this cycle to my friend and who used the same for Tour of Nilgiris. When he told me how the cycle survived all kinds of stretches during the tour I was more impressed with it.
Later on in the past few months I have doing few 50kms+ rides and cycle was still standing fit.

What inspired me to write this post is not that. Yesterday, I did about 75kms of cycling with few more friends. A ride to Chikka Tirupathi. There are quite a few stretches where there are no roads. Only rocks and mud. To test my cycle further I rode at good speed on all these rocks. Yes, if the tyre had burst would have been an issue. But then nothing untoward happened. Racer just kept going and going, how much ever I kept hitting the sharp edged rocks and stones. Enroute we also checked the BBCh race trail. Again mud no issues. There is no bend in the frame. The pedal noise is still there and cycle has learnt to live with it.
At the end of the ride I was happy that cycle withstood every test i did on it. The more I ride it the more am feeling happy with it and falling in love with it. Am looking for more rides on this road bike and maybe win some race in time to come. 😉
All said and done, Indian made cycles looks like they are specially made for Indian road conditions.
Infact today another friend of mine is buying same model. Hopefully he would join me in rides for further testing.


6 thoughts on “Hero Thunder Racer

  1. Hi. Do you still have the Thunder Racer? I have Thunder MTB and was thinking of getting the Racer instead. I am 5’9″ and I have heard the frame is a bit cramped for someone of that height. Have you felt anything like that?

    • Hi! Yes, I use the Thunder racer still. It fits to my usage of commuting to office. Its the best buy so far for me.

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